High performance email sending for SES

Pendable provides out of the box high performance email infrastructure to run your SES email workflows.

Pendable Dashboard

Production grade SES out of the box

Over the years we have used and loved SES but always felt that it needed a lot of work to set up and be production ready. It takes a lot of time and resources to set it up with options to parallelize your email sending, maintain do-not-send lists based on your hard-bounces, prioritize critical emails like password resets over lower priority emails like newsletters, schedule emails well into the future, or capture all email events in one place.

Pendable enhances SES by providing all these critical features including parallelized sending, scheduled future delivery, priority queues, active email throttling to manage your bounces, timeline of all events happening on your emails - all this without the need for any additional coding or setup on your end.

Pendable acts as a wrapper service around SES, allowing you to focus on building your app while leaving the email related pains to us.

Instead of calling the SES API, you call Pendable's email API, and we send your email to your SES account through our pipelines - adding all the necessary features that you need along the way.

Parallelize your Email Sending

We keep a close eye on your daily send quota in SES to ensure that your account stays within the SES limits. At the same time, we work to maximize the use of your quota by parallelizing your email deliveries. For example, if you have a quota of 19 emails per second, we will send 19 requests per second to AWS SES, maximizing your sending efficiency.

Prioritize your Emails Dynamically

Email priority is critical to production systems. You can assign a priority level to each email you send with Pendable. Our system will then process and send emails to SES based on that priority, so important messages like password resets can be sent first, even if there are hundreds of thousands of other emails in the queue. An important point of distinction is that our priority queuing system is dynamic - so the order of emails being sent can change as you push in higher priority emails in real-time.

Schedule Email Delivery in the Future

With Pendable, you have the flexibility to schedule your emails exactly when you need them. Whether you want to schedule an email campaign months in advance or just a few days, our platform gives you the ability to plan and execute your email communication effectively.

Track Email Events

You can start capturing Open, Click, Delivery, and other email events on your emails. Pendable utilizes all of SES features to stitch together the entire timeline of events on your emails.

Active Throttling so you don't trip the wire

We monitor your Bounce and Complaint events on Amazon SES and make necessary adjustments to your email sending approach. If we notice a sudden increase in bounce rate, we modify the sending strategy to throttle your emails being sent to SES and target sending to only those contacts with verified email addresses. Pendable ensures your sending activity remains within the Bounce and Complaint rate limits set by Amazon SES.

Auto do-not-send list

Pendable creates and manages your do-not-send lists. When an email results in a hard-bounce or a complaint, we add it to your do-not-send list and actively monitor it regularly. Pendable takes the hassle off your team to constantly montior your email activity and keep your do-not-send lists updated.

Retrieve, Troubleshoot, and Resend messages

We maintain a log of all email related events, along with other relevant data so your teams can easily retrieve, troubleshoot, and resend messages if needed. Enable your account and support teams to easily resend lost emails to customers without bothering you for questions like: Has the scheduled email been sent for this account today? Can I quickly resend a welcome email for a user from a control panel? Has a specific user received a particular email?

Filter Spam Domains

Pendable ensures that your emails are not sent to known spam domains, helping protect your SES account. We provide you with a comprehensive global suppression list to block such domains and emails, keeping your SES account in good standing.

Maintain a healthy Contact list

We help you maintain a healthy Contacts list by using delivery events and cleaning any contacts that have sustained levels of errors. Also, we do not impose any limits on how many contacts you can have in Pendable. You are only limited by the Email Quota per month based on your subscription plan.

View a timeline of all customer communication

Pendable's customer communication page provides a chronological view of all the emails sent, along with any actions performed by the customer, such as opening the email. This timeline view makes it easy to track and understand the email engagement and fine tune your sending.

Sample API Request

Calling Pendable's API is simple. Use your token in the Authentication header and specify your email parameters in the request body like below.

    "client_email_id": "your-id-1234",
    "from": "[email protected]",
    "to": "[email protected]",
    "cc": [
        "[email protected]",
        "[email protected]"
    "bcc": [
        "[email protected]",
        "[email protected]"
    "reply_to": "[email protected]",
    "subject": "Your first email from Pendable",
    "html_body": "Html content of your email.",
    "text_body": "Text content of your text-only email.",
    "schedule_send_at": "2023-04-22T22:41:42+00:00", // ISO8601_EXPANDED format
    "custom_fields": {
        "internal_id": 123,
        "project_code": "abc"
    "tags": [
    "priority": 75,
    "config_identifier": "my-default-config"


OpenAPI 3.0 API

Pendable's API is built on the OpenAPI 3.0 spec. We encourage you to review our OpenAPI 3.0 spec and our Docs.


Pendable offers a flexible and scalable pricing model based on the number of emails you send. Monthly plans start at 8,000 emails/month. Each successful email request sent to the Pendable API counts as 1 email. Successful email request is the one for which you received a success response from Pendable with pendable_id in the response.

Note that each CC'd or BCC'd address is NOT counted as a separate email - these are considered part of the original email and included in the parent email's count.

Get started for free with 100 test emails per month. Once you are ready, upgrade to a paid plan that best fits your needs.

Emails per month Monthly price Additional Emails Email Storage Limit
100 Free Upgrade 200
4,000 $9 + $1.00 per 1000 16,000
8,000 $15 + $0.90 per 1000 32,000
16,000 $25 + $0.80 per 1000 64,000
32,000 $50 + $0.75 per 1000 128,000
64,000 $95 + $0.65 per 1000 256,000
128,000 $180 + $0.60 per 1000 512,000
256,000 $345 + $0.55 per 1000 1,024,000
512,000 $655 + $0.50 per 1000 2,048,000

Need more emails? Get in touch

Email Storage Limit above is the maximum number of emails that Pendable will store under your account based on the plan you have subscribed to. Older emails beyond your storage limit may not be accessible.